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Highline Series -Riches

Luxuriate in the splendor of the Highline door series that present a new way of achieving elegance and sophistication. See the rich textures and intricate details of the various selections of inlay wood mouldings in these high-end doors. They are truly distinguished and a definite must see!


  • Paris (IN-103)
  • Commonwealth (IN-104)
  • Dublin Conservative (IN-105)
  • Sterling (IN-109)
  • Stella (IN-114)
  • Holstein (IN-115)
  • Berliner (CR-102)
  • The Architect (RSD-101)

Highline Series -Riches

  • Option Size
    Oversized by Width Up to 48"
    Oversized by Height Up to 120"
  • Door Style Detail Bevel Warranty
    Butler 2-Way Swing - Y
    Pocket 1-Stile Wider by 3/4" No Bevel N
    Sliding/Barn Symmetrical No Bevel N
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