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It reflects a traditional modern door in a vertically upright way. This design is exclusive to Victoria Strong. This achievement was reached by pushing the design boundaries and yet adhering to simplicity.


Luxuriate in the splendor of the Highline door series that presents a new way of achieving elegance and sophistication.


Highline Shaker door series offers numerous possibilities for your interior custom home. The Classic Shaker doors keep true to stability, practicality, simplicity, and harmony.


The RTR Precix Klasik doors outline the traditional door design where sticking and raised panels are present.

Style lines are exquisite and eye-catching and she belongs where extravagance and wealth are a daily reality.

gala with glass.png

Step into sophistication with our classic interior glass doors. The timeless designs feature elegant curved lines and a traditional look that adds elegance and charm to your home.


The Transitional Series is a thought-out creation that incorporates modern design elements, including clean, defined lines combined with aspects from more traditional homes to allow for the presence of a back-band, shoe mould, granting the possibility of a single-piece window ledge.


The Grüve are custom interior doors made to suit modern homes. This truly sensational design features a series of grooved front layouts. Specially designed diamond tooling has been made to cut the grooves. The groove cut is 1/4 x 1/4" with edges broken for the finish paint to penetrate easier.

element 2.png
element logo.png

The Element trim series is very distinct by design in its assembly and we are proud to offer it to the market. This trim is meant for spacious custom homes, for homeowners who have sophisticated and demanding tastes.





Wall Skirt


Base Caps

shingles & header tops.png

Shingles & Header Tops

doorstop & shoe.png

Door Stop & Shoe

chair rail.png

Chair Rail

window stool.png

Window Stool

window apron.png

Window Apron

inlay moulding.png

Inlay Moulding

raised & rabbeted.png

Raised & Rabbeted

burlap & applied.png

Burlap & Applied

cornice & small crown.png

Cornice & Small Crown

Crown Moulding

crown moulding.png

Crown Moulding

crown moulding 2.png
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